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A un Senior Motion Graphics Designer le preguntaron...15 de julio de 2019

Can you work on weekends?

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Yes, most definitely.

Sorry, no.


Can't remember anything. It was pretty simple.

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Can't remember.

Lineage Interactive

Strangely enough, I lead the conversation. I asked her about their work flow, if design frames were a part of their process, prior to beginning animation on motion graphics projects. The answer was "no." They basically just "designimate," which is not a good thing. It's like filming without a script and the results are always amateurish. You see it a lot in the digital / social sphere, but it's not a professional way of doing things or achieving good work that draws in consumers. She even said, "we do dozens of videos a day, so we don't have time to spend on design and only spend a couple of hours on each animation." -Yeah and this is typical with places doing social. They don't really understand how to produce engaging video content. Then they always wonder why the client comes back and complains that they're not getting the hits, clicks and general ROI they wanted. She did say she needed someone who could give direction and also explain "how" to do it, if necessary, to other designers. Yeah, no kidding. I got the feeling the salary range I gave them was too high for their liking. Not surprising, that's usually the case with places like this. They're always looking for the cheapest and then wonder why they have so many issues. I always see them posting jobs for Motion Designers. Seems like another place that just blows through people, i.e. high turnover. Typical of LA: turn 'em and burn 'em.

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I ended up asking the questions.

They picked a sample work and asked me whether it was a personal project

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I said yes and described in detail what methods and resources I used to complete it Menos

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How do you manage creative differences?


¿Por qué quería estar allí? Cuáles eran mis aspiraciones de vida

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What creative work have we produced that you enjoyed?

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Do you follow sports?

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What does BR need to improve on?

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