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A un Senior Merchandiser le preguntaron...9 de julio de 2012

What is your current salary I will not ask that however I want to know how much you want?

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Told as per my expectation

200000 bdt

RBR Garments

Did u know, learn all the things in all aspects?

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No one can fully completely learn & knows all the things in this field, cause this is like a ocean everyone learning anything @ the time of working. Menos

I am fresher an this field.I ready to any opportunity to this work i will do...

Estée Lauder Companies

Why are you interested in working at Estée Lauder Companies?

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Its feels great to work with such a good & huge brand.. feel achieved something best in my life.. Menos

Syed Group of Industries

what is wrap and what is weft?

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fabrication/ weaving process


What' could be improved on our current site?

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Navigation is not very intuitive and customers may get frustrated before reaching their destination. Menos

Worlds Innovators HK

If i was willing to learn new trade skills

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I wasd very open to this and have learnt more since i started working

Grupo Kaybee

Tell me a suggestion you have made that was implemented in this merchandising field? What is your greatest weakness? Have you ever had a conflict with a boss? Why do you want to work with us? Why should the we hire you?

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I was answered all the question very smartly & confidently.

Old Time Pottery

How have you helped an irate customer.

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Active listening. And adjusting the issue withing the scope of my abilities.

J. C. Penney

The common theme was how I handled various challenges in my career. Either how I coached under performing associates or how I handled situations when my (or my teams) standards were below par and the like.

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I discussed situations where either myself or my team did not meet standards, what we learned from the experience and how we continued to develop as a team. Menos

Old Navy

What is your past related experience

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I went over my previous roles and related duties.

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