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A un Senior Mechanical Engineer le preguntaron...21 de junio de 2019

Would I like to bring a dog to work? (yes, dogs are running around in the office)

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Do you drink beer? (yes, the have a "company keg" on premise.

I thought about applying to SoClean but I'm allergic to dogs.

The dog smell will be the least of your worries once these lawsuits against SoClean get rolling. Menos

Krishna Maruti Group

units of Hdigital vernier calliper

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may be 0.01

UltraTech Cement

Previous company experience Major achievement Major problem faced etc....

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good Experiance

I am fresher


Why are you planning to leave your current employer?

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Want to learn new things and pursue new challenges

I feel there has been a shift in the company's corporate culture, away from quality engineering, design and innovation, towards becoming just a cog in the wheel of a large construction company. It is not a culture I am prepared to embrace. Menos

Khatib & Alami

asking first about registration in Saudi Council of Engineers thene did I worded in the same field as consultant how many years of experience did I wish to relocate then technical question about the job then how much I am expecting as basic salary the resumed salary did not mach thier budget

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smoothly and without any doubt

Senior MEP engineer

Walt Disney Imagineering

Deceivingly simple question: what factors do you need to consider when designing a door?

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Simply summary of complex considerations; the human factors.

Don't forget about air pressure!

Midrex Technologies

Do you mind traveling, and what percentage of travel is ok with you? What about International travel?

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I don't mind traveling at all, whether that's 50/50, 90/10, 20/80. I actually enjoy traveling, but I guess I'm weird like that. My wife and I are at a different place in our lives, as young empty nesters, so traveling is not a big deal to us at all. Menos

I don't mind traveling, I would love to do that

Northrop Grumman

What has been your active role in the team process you're currently working with?

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Explained details of daily involvement, software used, level of completion of initial input received, and final deliverable. Menos

I quote the repairs and write up the job router steps to include R & R parts, inspection. Testing, and FAA 8130 Menos


If you need to install an FCU in the room, where will you install?

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Underneath a large window admitting the sun, underneath the sill against a wall , which will maximize its cooling and heating benefit. Here is an idea - most office occupants would place little potted plants on the removable top. It would help to weld up itsy-bitsy-artsy-fartsy figurines on the FCU's flat top. To discourage interior decorators from burdening maintenance folks from playing horticultural support equipment movers. Menos

Did nobody post an answer? Do they USE fan coil units in England or just add logs to the fireplace? Menos


why did you have such short term jobs before

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it's a CA landscape of jobs

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