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A un Senior Graphic Designer le preguntaron...17 de agosto de 2018

What is your education?

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Tell them the actual education, experience or previous salary.

Textile Dying & Printing Diploma

Textile Dyeing & Printing Diploma

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If I know TV design lingo.

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I was new to the field, so my answer was no.


I know tv design streams

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Do you how to use Adobe XD

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How old are you?

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I was honest. Oops.

This is an illegal question

I just wanted to clarify that the online Predictive Index test is a personality test administered by an outside source. Answers given are kept confidential and are not shared back with HR or anyone at the company. The Predictive Index test asks your age because studies show people answer the questions differently based upon various generational factors. For example, being punctual. and on time to someone in their 50-60s means to get to a meeting about 5 minutes before so there before the meeting start time. But for someone in their 20-30s, if they arrive by 5 minutes after the meeting start time, they still feel they were punctual. Personality tests, such as these, all ask for age or date of birth. Because the information is kept from the company, there's no way it could be used to determine if a person would hired. So it is not an illegal question for the personality test company to ask. Menos

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What are your top three "musts" in a job. I had no idea what they were asking.

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Could you repeat the question?

In the first a job should be efficient, I mean there is a reason and an aim for a design job and if the design is not efficient for that purpose, then it would be waste. The second one is that a job should be practical and produceable. if you design some thing that you are not able to produce it, then guess what? And the third: the design should be economy. Both in producing and marketing. Menos

True Religion Brand Jeans

He wanted very detailed explanations for each portfolio piece I showed, down to very fine points (i.e. on an advertisement, he asked "did you retouch the image yourself? How did you do it? Which tools in photoshop did you use?)

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I expressed that I did all the retouching, and went through my step by step process - to the best of my memory. Menos

If you interviewed with Christian ,I understand the weird questions he would have thrown at you. I have worked with this guy and he is the most incompetent art director/manager I have ever met. you are better off walking away . I would have never hired someone that lame like him .0 talent . Menos

Being a small company, the question about salary was the most difficult, gauging what to ask (based on the research about the company). The unexpected question was the request about what abilities outside the advertised role could I see as being useful at Eagle Creative.

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Being handy at most things I put my hands to, I was able to assure them that this wasn't a problem. Menos

Thinking on your feet in an interview is so important. I'd suggest a skill that perhaps is not in the role description but that could add significant value. For example, skills and knowledge about barcoding software has saved my own company a significant amount in barcode generation cost. Another example is my contacts with quality suppliers has added value by making our digital budget more competitive and also providing a stronger pool of suppliers to work with. Menos

City Year

What is my favorite font?

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I like Segoe UI. It's friendly, but professional, kind of like Calibri, but not everywhere. Menos



How you become a UX/UI designer.

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The challenge to turn a ideas and concepts into a unique visual identity, who ill attended the customer demand Menos

I had a background in arts and had a passion for the digital world and technology, so I decided to mix them together. Menos


what do i believe in advertising

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advertising should be brave

Advertising is awareness.

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