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A un Senior Financial Reporting Analyst le preguntaron...6 de julio de 2010

Tell me the latest new accounting literature that you have had to apply from beginning to end and how you handled the process of applying the literature.

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Be as technical as possible, if the literature was precodification then make sure you know the FASB references. Menos

Walt Disney Company

Mostly behavioral questions

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Specific examples of challenges and solutions

Northern Trust

Discuss the the things you know about financial statements related to asset management industries.

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I discuss the 5 parts of the FS and the difference between the usual fs and the fs for asset management industries. Please note that there are certain items in the normal fs that are not in asset management fs (ie. inventory). There is also a major difference in preparing yung cash flows. Note that for asset management fs, buying and selling of shares is actually part of their normal operating cycle. Unlike for normal fs, buying of shares is more of investing and selling of shares is more of financing. Menos

Franklin Templeton Investments

accounts basic questions

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Journal entries, BRS

Circle Internet Financial

what is your greatest accomplishment

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Sir, if I had any great accomplishments, I wouldn't be interviewed by you and be seeking employment right now.... jk I gave some the typical past work experience response.... Menos

D. E. Shaw & Co. - Investment Firm

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Centerra Gold

Why do you want to work at Centerra?


What are you leaving your current role


15 minute logic test

Centerra Gold

Can you give us an example of some of the more complex accounting concepts that you've encountered on the job?

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