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Canadian Tire
A un Senior Financial Analyst le preguntaron...12 de febrero de 2022

Why leave current employer Tell me about yourself

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Right not

If you need work tomorrow frist you shoes

That time I don’t have Money

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If it is 3:15. how many degrees are between the little and big hand?

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At quarter past the hour, the minute-hand is exactly at 3:00 but the hour-hand has moved 1/4 of the way between 3:00 and 4:00. Therefore 1/4 times 1/12 = 1/48 of the clock. With the clock having 360 degrees, 360/48 = 7.5 degrees. Menos

7.5 degrees For every 360 degrees the little hand moves, the big hand moves 30 degrees; therefore, when the little hand moves 90 degrees (to the 15 minute mark), the big hand moves 7.5 degrees. Menos

7.5 degrees

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We did some data analysis and noticed that the phase of the moon was directly correlated to the productivity of our fulfillment center staff. What could be causing that?

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correlation is not the same as causation

there is a research done that shows that human is more happy during the high tide than low tide, and the high/low tide correlate to the phases of the moon therefore the productivity of the fulfillment center staff correlate to the moon phases. Menos

Phase of the moon is related to the monthly calendar and days of the week... Phase of the moon may relate to the surf conditions. Menos


nothing too difficult

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What kind of technical work questions did they ask?

It was easy interview

Did they ask any technical questions or just a run through of resume?


Q: salary expectations.

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They touted the amazing work environment as a reason why they don’t pay market value. Menos

the REI interview process makes everyone feel absolutely disposable and under valued. They pay far less than market and say good bye to whatever title you had before. Not worth it. Menos

$100,000.00 usd

Capital One

How many angels fit on the head of a pin

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hey! I don't even understand this question!! Native English speakers, "angels" in the heaven? "pin" to use on the paper? Makes no sense to me. Menos

It's a question without an answer that you would reasonably know. Like, "How many ping pong balls can fit in a bus?" The point is to see how logically you work through the answer. Menos


NRG Energy

In 15 seconds, name all the different ways you can make money off a donkey - go!

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You're kidding, right?

Wish I was. That really happened. I almost got up and walked out.

Lol this is funny. Especially for a financial analyst role

Crossover for Work

P&L analysis Error search

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I had some technical issues coming from poorly prepared tasks by Crossover. Some instructions were misleading and the whole process simply isn't good enough for any reliable evaluation. Menos

I think the process is objective enough

Pat O, I hope you know what Clint Eastwood said about people's opinions.


"Teach me something"

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No way to prepare for some of their questions. The general structure was that they would dig very deep into a particular topic. For example in one interview I spent 50% of the time talking in great detail about one line on my resume from 3 years ago. Menos

Intel Corporation

What other factors should you consider other than NPV to consider a project?

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IRR; available resources


Return on Investment

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