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Shapoorji Pallonji
A un Senior Electrical Engineer le preguntaron...18 de marzo de 2015

what is your strength ?

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hard work , team player

work depends upon situation

team player, revolutionary mind

General Dynamics NASSCO

why you want to leave your previous company?

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what's your previous salary?

Search for good opportunity and to improve my skills

Allied Technical Resources

Will I move to the site location for a long term assignment?

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Synapse Product Development

I think the most difficult question might actually have come from me -- I asked about the financial stability of the company. The response was vague. I did not hear back after that (no further interviewing) but saw the exact same position posted as a contract position rather than a full time position 2 months later. It's difficult to know if I failed the technical interview or caused them to rethink the position. Maybe both.

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You dodged a bullet by not taking a job here. They are financially unstable and on the verge of going under. Menos

Technically, they didn't offer me a job, so it's still very possible that I failed the technical interview. I'm sorry to hear they are in financial difficulty! Menos

Raytheon Technologies

Are you willing to give up your other citizenship/passport for the clearance process?

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Well, not everybody think like you regarding his/her home country!



no questions asked

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I didn't even get chance to answer. I wouldn't recommend anyone even bothering to apply to them. Menos


How to select a processor ?SDRAM?Buck and boost converter ,timing analysis,I2C and SPI interface

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based on the application and profile i answered

Mazagon Dock Limited

Technical questions about electronics

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Answered with relevance to experience

How would you deal with delay delivering a project?

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Mitigation Plans,Recovery Plans,Cost Compensations

Alghanim International

what are the types of CT testing's?

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i failed to answer this one cause i was not ready

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