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A un Senior Customer Success Manager le preguntaron...26 de junio de 2020

The last section of the onsite is a presentation where you, the interviewee, choose any topic you want to teach them about.

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I picked a topic I felt like could be unique and interesting, and something where there was easy to find facts about the influence of what they were learning- how much money would be at stake, how many people would be experiencing the work, etc. They ask that you teach it in a "technical" way, which I interpret as giving a full understanding of end to end execution. Menos

Hey, Choosing any topic of your choice and then presenting is clear but I am not so sure about the technical aspects that you bring out for the topic. Can you be a bit more specific about the questions asked? Menos

Carbon Black

Why I wanted to leave my current role?

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I explained that my current situation had not ruled out to be the right role for me and I was interested in getting back into customer type role in cyber security space. Menos

Learning Without Tears

Are you free for a call next week?

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Not without knowing the salary range up front.


Which Star Wars or Marvel character do most closely relate to?

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Beats me, I don't watch those movies. But, I like Spiderman and if I was forced to I would look at CS through the lenses of Spiderman. Like Spiderman, a good CS team is required to move quickly, bounce from topic to topic,(or, customer to customer) and execute efficiently. Menos


Upload your resume to LinkedIn for consideration

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Uploaded Resume to LinkedIn but then received confusing response.


What are some important KPIs in SaaS and how do you achieve them.

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Churn, retention, CSAT and then describe my approach.


What experience have you had that qualifies you for the position? Critiqued on presentation.

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Felt good about all 4 interviews. After 4th interview, received a one sentence email stating that company wasn't interested in me for the role. Very strange and unprofessional since I invested a lot of time and wasn't given the courtesy of feedback. I requested feedback after the fact and no response. Menos

Guru Technologies

Describe a time when you handled a difficult customer situation.

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I shared a couple of examples from my experience and summarized my approach to handling these inevitable situations that arise when managing customer relationships. Menos


How would you describe Persado to a friend that didn't know about what we do in 2 sentences max.

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I responded with a bit of a run-on sentence of their value prop that was valid, which we laughed about after and actually helped build a rapport. Menos


Describe your background and interest in Persado.

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What project management/organization tools have you used to ensure timelines are met? Menos

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