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A un Site Construction Senior Assistant Manager le preguntaron...1 de febrero de 2013

Why do you want switch over?

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There is no end of best. Always looking forward to diversify my carrer.

Gilead Sciences

How do you manage a fast track project?

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through the time line plan, supported by task schedule

Previous experienced, education,and training and what can be best asset the interviewee can provide the company once hired.

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Honestly and the best of my knowledge

Background, goals, compensation.

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ABM Industries

How do solve problems with tough clients

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I listen to the needs of the client and work to arrange a solution that meets the client's needs while fitting within the standards and capabilities of our organization. Menos

M+W Group

How do you confront problems?

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Review information available and try to talk with as many people as possible to try and understand the issues, then make a firm decision and move forward. Menos


Client interface, how to approach persons that don't share responsibilities.

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Dedicate the time necessary to learn the individuals patterns and areas of concern. Menos

DentalOne Partners

What is your approach when working in a team environment?

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Listen, always spend as much time listening to the team as possible. When giving direction be precise with written backup of all verbal communication. Pre planning and quality communication are the key to any successful team. Menos


My knowledge of Safety and working on large projects

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via Skype

Midmac Contracting

list the Air compressor types used in the HVAC chillers , ?

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I know about chillers types not compressor types as my Basis is Electrical not mechanical . Menos

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