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Origami Risk
A un Senior Client Executive le preguntaron...18 de julio de 2017

Why did you leave your former company?

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Honestly - Company was shifting focus 100% to shareholders. It was harder and harder to advocate and deliver for clients. Menos

Origami Risk

Why are manhole covers round?

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I mentioned a couple of guesses just based on what logically would drive the choice and then said that since she'd made me curious, I'd be googling it once we were done. Menos


Tell me about your C level relationships.

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Discussed C Level contacts and how I work with them

My education level was also questioned

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I answered them by stating my degree and what can be expected of me with my degree Menos

My strengths and weaknesses were mainly the questioned

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I answered it with all my heart and honestly



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An Out-of-the-Box thinker with a proven track record of increasing revenues, establishing networks, Menos

Dassault Systemes

During Interview process it look like the company didn't really know what they are looking for, so many very unrelated and theoretical unexpected questions showed up, but no difficulties.

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The other way round the company was not able to clearly answer my questions on strategy break down to target and how they intend to achieve goals. Menos


Previous role handled .

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Explained my roles and responsibilities in previous organization .


what can you bring to Sprint ?

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sales experience and great motivation


Share complaint handling cases.

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Real cases sharing and what did I achieve or learn from that.

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