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Sun Life
A un Senior Campus Recruiter le preguntaron...27 de mayo de 2015

How would you sell Sun Life to a candidate at a Career Fair?

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I talked about sharing the work culture and also based on the candidate's major, I would tailor the conversation to what their interests might be. Menos

Bank of America

In the personality assessment round, I was asked to briefly express my opinion about the local political situation. Then I was asked about my favorite ice-cream?

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I answered that I like A. The he asked me if I had tried all the varieties available in the market before choosing A. I told him that I will buy A if I am paying for it and will try a new variety if someone else pays for it. Menos

Langan Engineering and Environmental Services

They asked about my background and how I behavior based questions.


Tell me a little about yourself and walk me through your experience as it aligns with this role


Would you like to work with us?

Flatiron Health

They were very heavy on situational questions. It did feel like a few of the questions they asked were a bit repetitive - same questions but worded differently. Whole interview was very structured which is okay, I prefer them to be more conversational. But everyone was well prepared and knew how it was going to flow.


Why are you interested in this role


Why are you looking to leave your current employer

Baker Tilly US

What ideas do you have for the role


Describe how you manage your time and multiple projects at once.

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