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Gold Eagle
A un Senior Buyer - Packaging le preguntaron...18 de julio de 2017

How long have I worked in Purchasing?

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~4 years

I will have to say that this review is farther from the truth. I have worked directly with that HR person and the experience described above is not accurate. This person is dedicated, energetic, and a pleasure to work with. She is by far one of the best individual's I have worked with in any job. I would highly recommend her for any job based on her professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond. Such strong assets as this do not come along very often and I am happy to have met such a wonderful and dedicated individual. Menos

RedPoint Advertising

Why have you beed a media buyer for 10+ years?

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I love what I do and I love helping out clients grow their business.

UNC Charlotte

How much procurement experience I have working with construction and facilities management.

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I let them know my experience with specific projects I have done in my procurement career. Menos


Are you overqualified for this position. Will things here be too slow for you?

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Answered no. I said I felt that I could still learn from this company and my colleagues. Menos

Sony Electronics

What is the live expectancy of an injection mold?

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With Sony does not matter since products are totally redesigned every year.

Jaguar Land Rover

What head winds would effect your negotiation leverage?

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Various topical take outs from recent reported news and industry knowledge


Are you going to be available for the whole length of the contract?

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Yes, because I want the opportunity to stay on full time.

Byrne Dairy

Never really could ask as HR was horrible

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Waited for them to meet their misses schedules.

J. C. Penney

What was your most challenging part of your previous ? Why do you want to come to work for JCP? What did you leave your last job?

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Ecommerce was the most challenging part of my job. The family culture at JCP.

Basic American Foods

Describe a project you provided a major impact on?

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Easy to expound on with the right experience...

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