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Hain Celestial
A un Sr Analyst Business Systems le preguntaron...28 de noviembre de 2022

Tell me about yourself and experience? What applications do you have experience with? Why do you want to work at Hain?


Describe a time that you solved a problem that affected users.

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I'd made a change that cascaded and affected a large number of formula fields when applied on top of an undocumented change from another admin. I worked through the logs to identify the previous change, updated my configuration, and kept the teams updated through the process. Menos


Best thing about being a BSA ?

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Motivating people


Behavioral Questions, Technical Interview, and Case Study


Share relevant examples of experience

Warner Bros.

Please tell me about more specifics of your professional background. What projects have you worked on and who are your key stakeholders? What significant milestones got you to your current position?

University of California - Office of the President

Please tell be about your last three positions


What things are important to me as an employee.

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Feeling a sense of belonging to a cohesive team. Flexibility with my schedule. Having freedom to take initiative. Menos

NFU Mutual

Prioritise a list of changes.

Wells Fargo

Tell me about Agile? Define it.

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