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A un Senior Analyst Business Systems le preguntaron...11 de marzo de 2011

For vision plus profile: Mostly application related at high level and core mainframe questions

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Most tech questions can be obtained from FAQs, however some will be based on experience. Menos



2) Difference between Floating rate and a Variable rate ( This question and the answer from him did not make sense to me)

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I do not know any differences between Variable and Floating rate

Two type of rates: fixed and floating Floating-rate (or Variable or Adjustable rate) ...they are same Menos

Chapters Health System

What step would I take to get information requested by Management?

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Just to send me true email

Please can I help me to find job


Tell me about your self

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I have talked about my previous experience and what I am looking for


What kind of documents have you created In your previous experience?

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Functional Specification Documents, Technical Specification Documents, Business Requirements Documents, Use Case Diagram Menos

Charles River Development

Describe your past experience, how many people you worked for, what was reporting structure

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Described the process, lifecycle, team structure, how we started a project and finished it by releases Menos


Situational Question in terms of project

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Mentioned the way I will handle the situation and they seemed to be satisfied

ICE Mortgage Technology

More inline with the senior BSA role

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I was able to answer well.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

What didn't I know about the position and how would I go about trying to figure it out?

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Somewhat of a trick question --- but as I encountered things I didn't I would find info resources and Learn it as quickly as I could. Menos

Supreme Lending

Can you create and streamline process of turning business requirements to technical requirements and design on a quick turnaround fashion.

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I had been doing that in my previous role even though I was part of the development Architecture team. I explained in detail how I handled that Menos

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