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A un Senior Business Process Analyst le preguntaron...23 de junio de 2019

Where did you learned the german language?

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I have learned the german language from the young edge of 4. My grandmother was my first teacher, after that I went to the german scool. Menos


They asked me about my previous process improvement experience as I was interviewing for a role in Business Process Improvement.

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I told them what I had done, how I had experience working effectively in a matrix organization, & cited a few examples of how I had got stakeholders on the same page. Menos


How do you influence a team?

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This isn't hard per say but there are so many answers. What was difficult is they wanted a project manager at an analyst rate rather than an analyst with SME recruiting software experience. Menos

UnitedHealth Group

What are the 6 types of cost savings

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Historic saving Index Rfp Technical Budget Ratio

DHL Global Forwarding, Freight

Are you able to travel from Your home to here?

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Yes i can.There so multiple mode of transport to reached at this traveling will be not issue for me Menos

UnitedHealth Group

SAR - Situation - Action - Result - questions: most stressful time when you were under pressure, when you made mistakes, when you had a deal with toxic/upset customer or colleague etc ... When you were harrased?

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I've acted positively without blaming other (finger pointing), always tried to understand situating before acting, was able to put myself to shoes of other person .. I have empathy and compassion ..always did my best to meet deadlines. Menos

McKinsey & Company

Una situación donde no se haya cumplido un deadline o un entrañable y como se manejo.

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Explique la situación


- quais seus conhecimentos em procesos

Humane Society Silicon Valley

What was my experience working in a non-profit organization.


Questions were specific to requisition.

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