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A un Senior Backend Software Engineer le preguntaron...12 de enero de 2018

Behavioral Why outreach The impact you hope to have from your next role?What is most important factor in your career/job What do you think about RSpec? How do you compare it with other frameworks What was the hardest/Challenging technical problem you faced and how did you resolve it Coding This problem concerns finding a time when we can do daily recurring maintenance on a server. You are to write a function that is given the following information: List of times when the server is busy every day Duration, in minutes, of the desired maintenance window The function should return the start time of a daily maintenance window when the server is not busy. In pseudo-code, the function signature would look something like this: maintWindowStart(busyTimes, durationMins) -> startTime The "busy times" should be time ranges like the following, and can be represented in whatever data structure you feel is appropriate. 0:05 to 0:30 = [5, 30] 2:00 to 4:01 = [120, 241] 13:10 to 16:55 = [790, 1015] [[5, 30], [120, 541], [790, 1015]] // requested duration -> expected start time // 10 -> 30 // 120 -> 541 // 4 -> 0 // 300 -> 1015

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I am sorry, I didn't meant to comment here!! It was wrong copy & paste error

how long does it take to get an answer from Outreach after the onsite?

I got the same question... which I solved... but interviewer did not clear the question in the beginning.. now waiting for the response. Menos

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whats the angle between the minute pointer and hour pointer at 3:15

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at 3:15 hour arrow will indicate to 16minutes. So diff is 1 minute = 360/60 = 6 deg Menos

U r right, it's 7.5 =) I was wrong and sleepy


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Make recipe APIs for HelloFresh

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You can get the full application in Dhiraj Patra github repo.

Not gonna lie, your code is pretty bad, no separations of concerns, no contextual logging. The position was for a senior engineer, your stuff is junior level at best. Don't lash people out for your inadequacy of the role. Menos

Sorry but I have to be honest, your code is pretty bad. To me the true is, you are not good enough and that's it. You also were very anti ethical exposing the whole code challenging to your Github Menos

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1. Evaluate a polish notation based expression (operands precede operator) 2. Determine suffix (st or nd or th like 1st, 2nd, 23rd etc) for a given number.

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Use a stack for storing operators and when you encounter an operator, pop operators, evaluate and store back to stack. Return head of stack as result. 2nd one is a simple if else/switch based solution Menos

check the last digit of the number, if it's 1 then the suffix will be st, for 2 it'll be nd, for 3 it'll be rd; for all other it'll be th code: import random num = random.randint(1, 1000) d = num%10 if d==1: print(str(num) + "st") elif d==2: print(str(num) + "nd") elif d==3: print(str(num) + "rd") else: print(str(num) + "th") Menos

Question 2: for(int i = 0; i <= 500; i++){ int num = i % 10; String suffix = "th"; if((i/10)%10 != 1) { switch (num) { case 1: suffix = "st"; break; case 2: suffix = "nd"; break; case 3: suffix = "rd"; break; } } System.out.println(i+suffix); } Menos


Build an in memory file system

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It's essential to demonstrate that you can really go deep... there are plenty of followup questions and (sometimes tangential) angles to explore. There's a lot of Senior Backend Engineer experts who've worked at Coinbase, who provide this sort of practice through mock interviews. There's a whole list of them curated on Prepfully. Menos

Tried it, didn't like it so much. Seemed like the interviewer himself didn't have proper grooming in that area. I guess that you are affiliated with prepfully and work at Coinbase? Menos


What are some things to take note of when designing distributed services

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High availability, minimizing single points of failure, using resilient architecture Menos

I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Menos

Home HT

Directly code challenge as HOME thinks they are above candidates and don't want to waste their time by talking to candidate first.

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We’d like to take this as an opportunity to clarify a few aspects written in this feedback. We think this can be of great help for future candidates. Firstly, yes it’s true, we do case studies in most of our interview processes. It is also true that in this case the code review feedback took 12 days. And yes, the total time from first contact to last call was 25 days, the last contact being on Friday 22nd May. In this call the hiring team and the candidate spent time together exploring the decline ending on a high note as thanks for the extra time taken to talk the experience through. Secondly, the decision not to continue the process was based on our team’s assessment of the quality of the case study not meeting our internal standards. This code challenge had previously been successfully completed by other candidates. Thirdly, it’s true that we take our time to carefully select the right candidates to join our team. Growing an empowering work culture with mission driven team members is extremely important to us. That us way we’ve designed a 3-4 step process which can take several weeks and only successful candidates qualify to the next round. We encourage all candidates to share their experience with us, in both good and bad, on platforms like Glassdoor. We support and respect all feedback as valuable places to grow from. From our side, we can just say we will continue working on improving our communication and process for the future - the path to greatness is never done! We also encourage you to step forward if you have more questions regarding this. Our door is always open. Thank you for taking the time to read our reply. Menos

Dodged a bullet there, thanks OP. Given your post and the sour response from the team this place should apparently be avoided. Menos

BMW Group

CLI Taschenrechner implementieren mit 4 Grundrechnungsarten, Wurzeln, negativen Zahlen und Klammern

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Implementierung mithilfe eines Expression Tree.

BMW nimmt nun einmal nicht jeden. Ich tippe Mal darauf, dass deine Bewerbungsunterlagen Bände sprechen und du deshalb entsprechend "behandelt"wurdest. Ich rate zu einem Bewerbungs-Coaching. Menos


Minimum number of platforms required if the arrival and departures of a train are given.

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Using Python dictionary DS.

Sort intervals and find maximum overlap at a point


Implement producer consumer using Thread concept

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I couldn't come up with a solution

I think this is fairly easy to implement if you have a good understanding about Thread concepts , this also can be implemented using BlockingQueue more easily Menos

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