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A un Senior Account Manager le preguntaron...29 de septiembre de 2022

How well do you work in a fast paced high pressure environment?


TMAT you realized you needed a deeper level of expertise? TMAT you received tough feedback, how did you handle? Give an example of obstacle you had to overcome to achieve results Marketing Case Study and Actions There was a pricing error, some customers were overcharged, some undercharged - How would you handle? TMAT you took a project outside of your scope? TMAT you had to make a decision but data was not there, risks etc?


What do you like to do in your free time


Rien de classique, il faut bienmontrer sa motivation et justifier sa candidature


Why are you interested in working at AssemblyAI?

Barton Associates

Why do you want to work here?


Why do you want to work at Pinterest?

RWS Group

Describe your best skills in the industry

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Long experience, deep knowledge of the industry and its trends/needs


What would you say are the next big trends in the localization industry?


Tell me about yoursefl and experience

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