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A un Summer Intern Semiconductor Process Yield Engineer le preguntaron...5 de abril de 2010

what is the significance of the peak in a gaussian distribution

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I couldnt answer this question as I had taken statistics long time back and was not allowed to even look at it before this interview because of the whole impromptu situatuion Menos


Interviewer did not seem to be interested in the interview process. Just went through my resume and asked some questions related to my past work.

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I answered everything with examples of my work.

Samsung Electronics

How do I work in a close relationship with other team members?

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I am a team player and will always try to not let my team down.

Micron Technology

Could you draw a CMOS and explain how it works?

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I drew it and explained hoe it works.


What's the topic of your Master's thesis?

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Why did you fail on the class of Thermal Physic in your senior year? (You have to provide college transcript during the interview.) Menos

Northrop Grumman

Process of chemicals.

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Book and practical experience of engineering processes.

Samsung Austin Semiconductor

1. Describe a time you had to make a tough decision 2. Describe a time you had to learn a new skill.


Would you like to stay mainly in the US or Asia?

Robert Bosch India

Basic electronics and testing related questions. Mostly basics.

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