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A un Marketing Manager, SEM le preguntaron...20 de marzo de 2015

In Excel, forecast sale units of shoe colors for next year, then estimate the sales for each over a 2-3 year range.

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Calculate sales baseline (run regression to de trend and de seasonality) then add time, effect and mkt activity and build the second regression for next couples of years Menos

Linear regression equation for each shoe color to get a sense of the trend. Also computed % change year-over-year to arrive at an average growth rate. Used that growth rate to predict future years. Menos


1. how may golfballs fit in 747 2. why manhole covers round

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Most likely the answer to the 747 question. If it were me, I would have said that though there are countless ways to quantify the actual figure, if one were truly interested you could fill the cabin with liquid, and drain the liquid into a container. Then measure the volume of liquid displaced. Then, you'd need to know the volume of the golf ball, which you could do either with volume equations or by displacement again. Then, find the volume of the square with all sides equal to the diameter of the ball. Divide the volume of the ball by the volume of the square, and then multiply the quotient by the volume of water drained from the 747. Finally, divide the volume of the 747 by the volume of the golf ball, and you've got your number. The reason for the square volume being factored if because golf balls would create negative space not reflected in the fluid. Anyway, that's what I would say. Menos

1. just try to reason out how you'd go about calculating that. 2. check wikipedia for list of good reasons. I managed to come up with a couple on the list Menos


How high of budgets have you managed?

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I answered from $500 a month for small business owners; to most recently $350,000 in monthly campaign spend for Fortune 500 companies. Menos

We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your interview experience. RevolutionParts strives to provide the best candidate experience. Working for a startup is a unique experience and we want to be candid about our company culture from the very beginning. Not only does the candidate have to be the right fit for RP, but we want to be the right fit for the candidate. We truly appreciate your time invested in the interview process, and we wish you best of luck with your job search. - RP team Menos


How many gas stations are in the US?

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No idea how to answer that question without sounding like a fool.

These types of problems are meant to challenge your problem solving and critical thinking ability. We tell all candidates at the start of the problem: "It's not about getting the right answer. What's more important is how you work through the problem and, using what you know, come up with the best estimate." We hope that more than anything you will welcome the challenge and be eager to tackle it using your genius! :-) Menos

yes, I was asked about business cases, weakness and future personal goals. You have to do some research about the interview

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Thomas Cook India

What is the latest update in SEM industry?

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You need to answer the latest updated you have read about during that time.

Prefeitura Tangará

Quem vc conhece?

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Um vereador

Catalyst Search Group

Basic terminology and discussing how to walk through problems

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Unfortunately, there is some confusion as this respondent has described an interview that did not occur at this Catalyst Search Group - there are a number of companies with Catalyst in the title so we can understand the confusion. We have never hired for a SEM Manager for our company (as the interviewer describes), nor have we ever been engaged by a client to fill a role with this title. There are a couple of other statements within this review which would make this impossible and would be glad to describe to Glassdoor off-line. Thank you. Menos

American Freight

Why are you looking to leave your current employer?

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More direct experience with a single client rather than agency setting. Higher level experience. Menos

Postbox Communications

what do you know about SEM

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Basic understanding of the process was explained

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