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Riverside Research
A un Scientific Programmer le preguntaron...2 de febrero de 2022

1. What salary do you want? (paraphrased)

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I said "With my background, I would like starting to be around $100k"

RedLine Performance Solutions

What is your experience in similar positions?

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I referenced back to my past experience and made connections. The position is not a standard industry position, so much of the technical knowledge is unique. Menos

RedLine Performance Solutions

How have you handled difficult technical challenges in the past?

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1) Assess and analyze the challenge before getting into the technical details. 2) Draw on my technical knowledge of the particular and similar areas. 3) If I have a solution, implement before assessing any fallback. 4) When uncertain, ask for information or help. 5) Remember that there is a solution, possibly multiple. Menos

RedLine Performance Solutions

What questions do you have?

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How much programming is involved? (Answer: shell scripting, Perl and Python scripting. Not much true programming involved though reading code is required. Menos

National Informatics Centre

Capability of e-governance through open source may be the ultimate to win.

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Knowledge in PHP-MySQL, Postgress, Java, J2EE etc.

W. M. Keck Observatory

How would you go about learning a new language?

Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Expect to write code up on the white board to demonstrate solutions to basic algorithm challenges of searching and sorting: e.g., counting occurrences of sequences of three bases in an RNA strand.

UTHealth Houston

Code test

UTHealth Houston

Brief previous experience

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

What do you know about Vertex?

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