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Pima Medical Institute
A un School Secretary le preguntaron...8 de abril de 2015

When can you start

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I said as soon as you need me.

Right away

Wichita Public Schools

How did I physically picture the office and what would it sound like.

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I said the office should be organized looking and also welcoming to visitors. It should sound like the employees were working and not wasting time. Menos

The California-Pacific Annual Conference

Do I have a relationship with Jesus Christ?

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Honestly: Yes, I do!

Silver Valley Unified School District

The Excel questions on the skills test were fairly easy.

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There are online Excel video tutorials on

US Navy

what motivates you?

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hard work

Faith Christian School

If you had just finished printing a 500 page document and found an error, what would you do? Leave it as is, or reprint?

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I would reprint that page only and insert it into the document

Why do you think you are right for the Lower School Secretary job at EARJ

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I wrote an essay with 4 paragraphs about it

Silver Valley Unified School District

The accounting questions on this School Secretary skill test were the most difficult.

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You should study basic accounting terminology.

Natomas USD

What is your experience

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Why would you be a fit for this position

Assemblies of God

Are you able to perform all accounting functions ?

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Agreed to use a CPA.

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