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A un Project Manager- SAP PLM le preguntaron...6 de octubre de 2017

About project management

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Per PMP and Agile methodology

attune Consulting

Are you sure you are not a Salesperson? Because you use so many acronyms like PMO, PPM, QMO, BOBJ, SAP CRM, SAP OTC, SAP P2P, BI IP, BPO, etc. Are you sure you are not a Salesperson????

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No I'm a very successful SAP Program Manager. If I was a Salesperson, I would be in the Sales game, right? Menos


During the first onsite interview I was asked to introduce myself and explain why I think I am a good fit for the role.

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I presented my resume and argued with previous job experience and my reference projects. Menos


Do you have your bachelor finished?

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No I had it truncated on 6 semestre Ok we will call you And they hangout;(

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Businesses process, maintenance plans, Implementation, lsmw

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Good. Went well



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telling about my experience

Plastic Omnium

Quelle sera votre apport à Plastic Omnium dans le poste

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Réponse : ma double compétence (rare, compte tenu des exigences)


Explain your IoT POC. My SAP experiences

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Mentioned abvoe


Tell me about yourself, Who you are?, and Tell me about hard situations where you had to take care of things. In addition to my experience and skills.


Wie würden Sie persönlich an ein Projekt für die Einführung der SAP PM-Lösung herangehen und welche Projektphasen sehen sie dabei?

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