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A un Business Manager - SAP le preguntaron...23 de abril de 2012

How will you boost the sales in-case you are not provided any team member???

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In that scenario I will start my self study from Industry to Industry basis depending on my experience will jot down the most potential customers and will start targeting them and will put my time to the best use and my self motivation skills will help me do so and that is what I have been doing throughout my career. Menos

Teams are developed based on the bonding objective and NOT necessarily given. It is my focus to draw a focus which will then enjoin others. certainly, a good manifesto will be subscribed by the management and adequate support will be provided. Ultimately, all must start from me. Menos


Qu'est-ce-qui vous motive le plus dans ce poste ?

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Le côté international de l'environnement de travail, les divers systèmes utilisés, les projets de développement de la société qui assurent des nouveaux outils à mettre en place. Menos


Viele Interessen an was ich im Vergangenheit als SAP Berater getan habe und dazu dann konkrete Frage zu spezifische Themen die für die Rolle wichtig waren. So finde ich Perfekt.

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Ich habe alles ehrlich beantwortet, schwierige Projekte und erfolgreiche Projekte und alles inzwischen :) Menos


Why you like to work with Utopia

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I wanted to work at a technically open place where i can excercise my work knowledge openly. Menos

Cognizant Technology Solutions

About experience of working in Brazil implementation.

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Havent worked but can on the job.


About project management

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Per PMP and Agile methodology


All configuration and business processes

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Explained step by step process and related configuration


Tell me about your training process from Newegg. (Since I told them about the special training i got there)

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Well the beginning when getting hired was like going to school to become and eggcellent CSR. Then later a man from PBS came over and trainned us to wow customers with our service as well as just how to be a great person in general. Menos


After posting this story on LinkedIn there was a call from an HR who told that since the new portal was launched in April 2018 so they do not know how to handle it.

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He further said that he will share his email and also speak to the Practice head and get back to me by Monday. Five Monday’s passed till date I never got a call or a Email. Further their So called Leadership Hiring HR Shruti SetuMahdavan mentions a reply to my post on LinkedIn telling the issue is resolved. The stupidest set of HRs I have ever seen. Menos

attune Consulting

Are you sure you are not a Salesperson? Because you use so many acronyms like PMO, PPM, QMO, BOBJ, SAP CRM, SAP OTC, SAP P2P, BI IP, BPO, etc. Are you sure you are not a Salesperson????

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No I'm a very successful SAP Program Manager. If I was a Salesperson, I would be in the Sales game, right? Menos

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