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A un SAP FICO le preguntaron...12 de julio de 2016

how to post o/s expenses all unrealistic questions

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managed some what

It will be considered as a normal GL expenditure and hence posted in FB50/F-02 and cleared in F-07 Menos


How many company codes can be created for one country?

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Many codes can be created

As per my previous experience I said that one company code.


What is the company code in SAP?

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It is the main organizational unit. It is used for group reporting or consolidating reporting purpose. It is assigned to one/ more company codes. Menos

To generate financial statements like Profit and Loss statement, Balance sheets etc. company code is used. Menos

Interview questions based on SAP FICO and S/4 Hana

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Asked me how would I approach the problem and try the solution.

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I replied as per my work experience that I would see the solution implemented and see what the problem is doing analysis. He told me to check first the Business Blue Print document to see what and how it is implemented without asking anybody. Menos


Technical questions on ABAP which is not my area

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I know the basic ABAP which assist me as a functional consultant


Viele Interessen an was ich im Vergangenheit als SAP Berater getan habe und dazu dann konkrete Frage zu spezifische Themen die für die Rolle wichtig waren. So finde ich Perfekt.

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Ich habe alles ehrlich beantwortet, schwierige Projekte und erfolgreiche Projekte und alles inzwischen :) Menos

Toronto District School Board

How many implementation i have done ?

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I told that i have done three Implementation

Syskoplan Reply US

My experience, what i was looking for

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I shared my experiences and asked a lot of questions related to the organization. Menos

Tata Consultancy Services

OBYC Config for FI MM integration

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It is complete Fi-MM integration config. In material master, we stored all information for a certain material. Like as material type, material group, purchasing information, sale and distribution information etc etc. The valuation class (in accounting 1 view) is most important for automatic account posting purpose. Valuation class is used to group together several material with their same attributes, so that we can carry the same account determination for various material. Every material has a valuation class, many materials can contain same valuation class. As we know the valuation class is link with material type via account category reference. Valuation class and Movement type is used for the G/L determination. Movement type is used for all types of material movement. Suppose if you receive a material from a vendor, a movement is happens for the movement. If we transfer a material from one location to another, a movement type is happens for the movement. It means, whenever we do a off-setting entry, a movement type will be created for that. For various movement type SAP defines a G/L account for the material movement. The all account entry is done via automatic account posting tcode: OBYC. Menos

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