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A un Project Manager- SAP PLM le preguntaron...6 de octubre de 2017

About project management

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Per PMP and Agile methodology

attune Consulting

Are you sure you are not a Salesperson? Because you use so many acronyms like PMO, PPM, QMO, BOBJ, SAP CRM, SAP OTC, SAP P2P, BI IP, BPO, etc. Are you sure you are not a Salesperson????

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No I'm a very successful SAP Program Manager. If I was a Salesperson, I would be in the Sales game, right? Menos


During the first onsite interview I was asked to introduce myself and explain why I think I am a good fit for the role.

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I presented my resume and argued with previous job experience and my reference projects. Menos


Do you have your bachelor finished?

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No I had it truncated on 6 semestre Ok we will call you And they hangout;(

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Businesses process, maintenance plans, Implementation, lsmw

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Good. Went well



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telling about my experience


Why are you so motivated by enterprise resource planning implementation?

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I am highly motivated by global projects.

Plastic Omnium

Quelle sera votre apport à Plastic Omnium dans le poste

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Réponse : ma double compétence (rare, compte tenu des exigences)


Explain your IoT POC. My SAP experiences

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Mentioned abvoe

The Fifteen Group

What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do you handle difficult situations? Tell me about yourself. Tell me about a difficult time and how you overcame it.

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