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Atlas Copco
A un Salesforce Developer le preguntaron...14 de agosto de 2022

Waarom wil je hier werken?

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Groot bedrijf met veel mogelijkheden


Really can't remember much detail now. In general, I believe the idea was to reduce the reliance on the consultancy by finding someone who can do the work and train the junior staff at the same time.

Center for Sustainable Energy

Questions mainly focused on LWC and OOP.

Fulcrum Worldwide

Give me your introduction.


Few technical, few behavioural questions

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Sharing Rules, Best Practice of Trigger, Write Trigger ,Governor Limits


Ti ci vedresti in questa posizione?


Can you tell us about something that you Developed in your previous experience?

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I explained them about a functionality that I had implemented in my previous experience as a Salesforce Developer. Menos

WarpDrive Tech Works

1.Mostly about LWC , Aura and Visualforce

EPAM Systems

Events in LWC Custom Rollup Summary using apex trigger Configurations

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