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A un Sales Support Specialist le preguntaron...17 de febrero de 2013

They were not only interested in the things I can handle with ease, but I was even asked about failures and weaknesses. They asked why I have left the university before graduating

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Because I have fount out that I wanted to work in the music industry and I could not imagine my career as a mechanical engineer. I wanted to learn more about producing music so I thought that it was better to leave the university and dive into making music than living a life as an engineer (which would have it's own advantages) but doesn't suit me. After 6 years I can state with confidence that I have made a good choice and I have discovered the beauty about sound-design. Menos

Entrust Energy

Kept asking about our pricing and contracting processes and asked for names of clients for examples.

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I didn't feel comfortable about giving out my companies info out.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

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Don't quite remember how I answered this question but I felt like the individual interviewing me was not interested in what I had to say Menos

Florida Blue

How are your excel skills?

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what you liked about last manager, favorite & least favorite about last job, short term/long term goals,

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My last manager was very polite & understanding person...In my job i like to communicate new people i like that In my job Menos

Olympus Corporation of the Americas

Why should we hire you?

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I am qualified, dependable, honest, positive, and would be a great asset to the company. I enjoy working with and helping people, therefore the medical field has drawn me to this great company. I will be proud to say I am able to contribute to the origination, while helping people (patients, doctors, internal and external customers) better their lives every day. Menos


Very basic questions for the most part. Best one was "what was your favorite proposal you worked on and why".

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I answered with the best example I had from recent experience, and it was a very good one. Interviewer seemed pleased with my answer. Not pleased enough, apparently. Menos

U.S. Bank

how you overcame a difficult situation

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Figure out what the full issue is and how it affected those I worked with or others and try to solve it to better our team and those I worked with. Menos

Johnson Controls

How would i rate my self with helping others.

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I said i will treat and help others as i would expect in return.

Victoria's Secret

How do you handle under pressure?

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I handle pressure well. I don’t get discouraged and just keep going.

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