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A un Sales Director, Enterprise le preguntaron...18 de mayo de 2022

Typical interview questions, nothing out of the ordinary


It's been a long time, so I can't recall. Typical sales questions regarding relationships, pipeline management, etc.


Why should we hire you? What would your peers tell about you after 6 months?

Pure Sunfarms Corporation

How do you feel about cannabis industry?

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Just reviewed past experience but again interviewer wasn’t engaging.


Basic OOPs concepts. Basic DBMS questions.

Blue Origin

Tell me why your interested in working here?


Tell me why you want to work here?


Vapid questions that have little to nothing to do with leading a sales team.


They asked me if I was comfortable starting an outbound process from the ground up.

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I was absolutely on board and comfortable with that and had done it before.

Dods Group

During the interview with the CFO he asked me how old I was; which I am sure you are NOT allowed to ask in an interview.

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