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Preguntas de entrevista de Sales and analytics


Preguntas de entrevista para sales and analytics compartidas por los candidatos

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Past experiences and how I would have deal with some specific problems/requests from the client

The questions for the online quiz are all here in glassdoor, just study them very well because the time goes away very fast!

- brainteasers - easy SQL questions - understanding of their business model

Have you dealt with difficult colleagues at work? How did you deal with it? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What aspects do you search for in your superior? Given an example state which market segment should increase promotion. Given an example state how a specific product line is doing in comparison to competition.

Normal HHRR questions. They ask about your background and ask you to give some examples of your own experiences working in a team, etc.

Related to Digital marketing for me its a new field ?

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