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A un Sales Operation Analyst le preguntaron...5 de agosto de 2012


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everything Or nothing!

Goldman Sachs

"Company A with a market cap of $25B announces a $5B stock buy-back program. How would the CDS on Company A react?"

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Is this correct? A stock buyback with reduce cash and equity, which increase the leverage ratio. That would increase the CDS spread. Menos

Yorkville seems right. Leverage goes up and there is less cash now. Higher risk of default leads to higher risk premium --> higher cds spread Menos


CIBC World Markets

What is the angle between the hour- and minute-hand when a clock strikes 3:15?

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7.5 degrees

0 Degrees ahah

45 degrees

Red Bull

Your experience with Excel and Access.

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could you post more about this interview? I have a Data analyst interview.

Could you post other questions as well. I have got the video interview too

Could you please post the questions ?

Jane Street

We choose 6 random numbers out of the first 12 prime numbers. What is the probability that the sum is odd

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the answer is simply the probability you dont choose 2 assuming the numbers you choose are unique. if there is replacement, its the probability you pick an odd number of 2's. Menos

the answer is simply the probability you dont choose 2 assuming the numbers you choose are unique. if there is replacement, its the probability you pick an odd number of 2's. Menos

Yeah, just the probability you don't pick a 2. Since you're picking 6 out of 12; Let E(X_n) be the expectation of the indicator variable X_n which takes value 1 if n is chosen and 0 otherwise, then by linearity of expectation, the sum over all 12 E(X_n)s (n=2,3,5,...,p_12) is 6 and since the primes are chosen uniformly, E(X_n)=1/2 for each n. Note that the expectation of an indicator variable is just the probability. So the answer is 1/2. Menos

Nature Publishing Group

What are some difficulties do you expect to have in this position

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Bank of America

What is BofA currently trading at?

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(Lookup price before you go into the interview)


This wasn't difficult, but it's the only specific question I can remember. You're playing basketball and you're down by 2. You know you can hit a 2-pointer to tie the game with 28% probability, and then go on to win the game in overtime with 50% probability. Alternatively, you know you can hit a 3-pointer and win with 15% probability. Which do you take?

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The 3-pointer

3-pointer. First option has a probability of 14% of wining (0.28x0.5) whilst the second option gives you a probability of 28%. Menos


How would you improve Facebook's advertising features?

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First of all, Now a days there is no need to advertisement for facebook because Facebook is totally up in the market but for improve the facebook according to my view first step i want create some division for adult and child ..i have one idea for child to grow more in facebook..Child(age <15) have to just login with their id and use different application and play different mind games and participate in different activity..they have some criteria in their profile like they can not see adult photoes, Adult games or etc.. THank u Menos

TwinStar Credit Union
A un Sales Analyst le preguntaron...23 de septiembre de 2017

Around 13 questions and one of the most interesting is: what is my fav movie

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