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A un RPO Recruiter le preguntaron...3 de enero de 2020

Qué motivaciones tienes para este puesto.

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Es una área en la que gracias a mi experiencia puedo aportar frescura y dinamismo a la selección, me encanta hacer que el candidato se sienta cómodo para hacer que brillen de él/ella su mejores competencias. Menos

Randstad Sourceright

General behavior based questions "Tell me a time when you..."

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Answered truthfully to all behavior questions.

Orcapod Consulting Services

Can you tell me something about yourself(Cliched)?

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Pretty Well.

Korn Ferry

Do you see Futurestep being a fit for you?

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Yes, i like the model, the people and have heard great things about Korn Ferry.

Wheeler Staffing Partners

Tell me about your self ?

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Just mentioned my past and education.


Mostly related to the field, explain the experience I have and go over resume. Behavioral questions like "how do you like to be managed" and "why should we hire you".

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How do you like to be manage should be answered with honesty, IMO. If the prospect manager has an incompatible style than yours, you are better off looking elsewhere. Menos


Mainly asked me more personal questions which I found very off putting and odd. Some industry questions but very junior level and from individuals with no where near my experience (twenty years of experience in my background).

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Per managers/management I did well but the folks with little to no experience apparently I didn’t do well. Menos


What is important to you when working for an employer?

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Resources, training, communication, trust, honesty & clear steps or processes for action plans. Menos


How did I feel about my ability to handle a high volume of requisitions.

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I used to do Full Cycle Recruiting so I responded that I didn’t believe it would be a problem due to this position not requiring me to perform the same amount of steps due to them being an RPO Company and me only doing telephone interviews vs taking applicants through the entire emoloyment process. Menos


Do you think you're a competitive person?

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Yes! I don't compete with my co-workers in a combative, "I'm better than you" sort of way. Instead, I pride myself on always being a team player, hard worker, and taking on additional work when needed. I let my actions show that I'm the right person for the job and ready for promotion when the time comes. My goal is to always advance myself so yes, I compete with my co-workers, but I prove this to my superiors in action versus talk. Menos

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