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A un Senior Reverse Engineer le preguntaron...7 de agosto de 2022

How did you solve the home exam?

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I explained my methodology, was ready for questions and even looked up small specific parts of the code during the interview. I talked as much as I could explaining the thought process. Menos


It was a technical test online (3 hours)

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Offset calculations staff


How to remove a directory in linux.

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rm -f dirname


3 tasks about binary files diffing and reversing a huge windows executable.

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I did all the tasks successfully but this seems to be not enough !

Cipher Tech Solutions

What experience do you have with reversing malware?

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Asked about multiple cybersec and android concepts

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

What was your favorite class? Why


A longer assembly section to analyze - no real specifics to give.


Tell us about a challenge you had on a research project you've worked on in the past.

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Explain the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption

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