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National Trust for Scotland
A un Retail Assistant/Membership Recruitment le preguntaron...7 de julio de 2015

have you own transport? as there is no public transport

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Levi Strauss

Tell me about yourself and what do you enjoy about recruiting.

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I charismatic individual, who lives, breathes and loves finding top talent. Furthermore, my experiences working in the field has given me the opportunity to foster great relationships and know what's needed at the store level. I have an authentic welcoming personality, observant skills set, and result-driven approach, which distinguishes me from other recruiters. Most importantly I am a great listener. The recruitment world has evolved TREMENDOUSLY over the last few years. With all of the newest technology playing a big role within the industry, it is apparent that the overall process will be even more simplified in the next few years giving recruiters more time in the field. I enjoy methods such as indeed, LinkedIn, college job fairs, etc. One of the most exciting parts of my career is being a field recruiter, It no greater feeling than to see your work come to life and have the ability to add value to the organization ongoing success. Menos


What would be the most challenging first thing for me to tackle in this role?

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I responded that I imagined acclimating to a new environment, team etc. would be my biggest initial challenge Menos


"How do you feel talking on the phone?", "Can you make 50+ calls/day?"


1. Tell me about yourself 2. Tell me about a difficult req you needed to fill. 3. Tell me how you screen applicants. 4. How do you source? 5. What ATS?


Describe who you are as a recruiter in 3 words.


Tell me about your most difficult client and how you resolved an issue with that client.


No specific questions. More of a conversation to judge competency.

Pet Food Express

If you're unemployed/a newly college graduate, be prepared to be insulted with this question, well, what are you doing now? They asked me this question made me want to choke them right then and there. Duh! look for a job. I guess they never been on the other side that getting a job is a full-time job.

Ashley Furniture Homestore

Tell me about yourself and your time in your previous roles.

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