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Bath Fitter
A un District Marketing Manager for Event & Retail Promotions le preguntaron...19 de noviembre de 2015

If I had any questions about the position.

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When can I start

I asked my questions about the job, IE hours per week, clarification on the work schedule, how a typical day was and how the PR was handled. Menos

Bluegreen Vacations

The sales director asked: "What is the fastest you ever fired someone?"

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This is certainly a fast paced job field and they want to know that you can spot someone who is "jut not right" for the position quickly. My honest answer was three days, which he seemed fine with. Menos

Dollar General

Tell me your greatest accomplishment.

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Building an entire market

Bluegreen Vacations

None. Standard "STAR" system questions.

Calzedonia Group

What interests you in our brand? What aspects of your career do you think will be beneficial for this position for a brand new to the US Market? How do you keep your teams engaged and energized year-round? What makes you a unique leader? What is your desired salary?

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