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Burger King
A un Restaurant General Manager le preguntaron...2 de marzo de 2016

what is food cost of your store or labor of your store.

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Restaurant General Manager


If you're willing to work more than 60 hours a week

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District manager answer then its no life here if I'm willing to take the chance I answer no I'm sorry I can't. Menos

Taco Bell

How would you handle a customer complaint

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Listen to the customer apologize for inconvenience, satisfy and ensure customer is happy and thank for providing an opportunity to fix the problem Menos

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill

Are you willing to train for 8 weeks out of state?

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yes , I will get my training ouy another state



Travelling convenience

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What can I do to improve Restaurant profit within the 1st year of take over?

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Talk to every single member in the restaurant. Improve the training process of the current restaurant by training stronger talent to help speed up the improvement process. Menos

Hello Sir. First Restaurant Manager need to focus on sale,because it’s basic of profit and PNL should drive by the number=1 Leader with all the PNL head should not cross the budget figures. Menos

Luihn Food Systems

What is the most you have ever worked in one week?

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I slept on a cot in the back because I needed every possible moment to sleep.

W Hotels

The Behavioral interview was completed in a very by the book method. Managers literally were reading from a script and writing down answers frantically as I provided them. It wasn't until after these necessary questions were completed that it felt like we were able to speak candidly about the position and what they were looking for.

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By the book questions get by the book answers.

Leeann Chin

Know your numbers so you can show you understand how to plan and control product and labor expense. Know Comps and expense numbers of prior employers. Be able to answer "What is 10% of...." correctly and quickly! Do you have any Questions?

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Monitor numbers/expenses by the hour, day, week. Educate hourly staff to follow guidelines, explain why, show examples. Know basic math so you can calculate 10% in your head! Come with a short list of questions. Menos


Was referred to by the wrong name?

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Thats not my name! Maybe you should be more organized if you're a DM

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