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Marks & Spencer
A un Responsable del departamento financiero y de RR. HH. le preguntaron...5 de octubre de 2016

how do you deal with difficult/angry customer?

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stay calm , present the company to the best of your ability , be positive , address him /her very professionally try to meet him /her at the point of him /her complain and try to sort out the problem / angry attitude for once and all Menos

By always being on your safety, be concious of all am doing

By always being on your safety, be concious of all am doing

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En la entrevista me preguntaron mi formación profesional, ¿ qué hago actualmente? que tipo de tareas, desafíos que deseo aceptar, como me veo en algunos años más, tiempos, pretensiones de renta, fortalezas y debilidades.

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Hola, la entrevista fue en ingles o en el idioma local?

La entrevista fue en ingles?


Behavioural Interview Process + Job related

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Did the employee screening process involve a drug test? If so, what type?

Eg: Name a time when you were given negative feedback at work and how did you handle it.. Menos

iProcess Online

What kind of experience do you have with payroll?

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I don't have much experience with payroll.

I have 4 year experience


Very generic interview questions. Tell me about a time...seemed scripted and cold.

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Just told my story


What is your current salary?

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BCD Travel

They asked for a road-map for a previous project I had completed at a competitor.

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I had to be careful to share details without giving the entire project and internal roadblocks away. Interesting panel team! Menos

Cognitive & Behavioral Consultants

How would you handle various streams of revenue

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I answered in return what are their revenue streams, the owner didn't seem to like my asking allowing me to better understand their business. Menos


What is your project management experience?

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Spoke about corporate communications and employee relations projects.

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