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A un Cloud Technical Residency le preguntaron...3 de enero de 2021

Round 1: 1. Why would a website be slow? 2. How can you improve a slow website? 3. Explain a two-way handshake? 4. public key vs private key 5. what public key encryption? Explain as detailed as possible? 6. What is the cryptography algorithm used in public-key encryption? How does that algorithm work? 7. what are the REST principles? 8. Error codes - how to troubleshoot 404 error 9. How would you increase the customer base of a company? 10. Demanding problem you solved. Round 2: 1. Why google CTR? 2. If you worked with an existing client requesting a feature addition, what would your next steps be? 3. How do you stay organized?

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Read the interview prep guide they provide end to end. For the General cognitive assessment interview, a video on youtube by Google was very helpful. Watched a lot of youtube videos for the web tech interview. Menos

You had to sign NDA why post these ?'s


Are you available to work all shifts, especially overnights?

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I was disappointed that there was little transparency from any of the units that I applied to regarding work hour expectations. All of the units I interviewed with were looking for a minimum commitment of 2000 hours after the initial training period. It wasn't until the online interview that they divulged that only overnight shifts would be offered during that time. I answered honestly that I had reservations about managing this schedule. The program would have been a poor fit for me, and it was a disappointing disrespect of applicants' time and efforts to be unclear about this at the beginning of the application process. Menos

Yes i am available to work all shifts


2. Your CIO comes over and says, "I need to present from this laptop in 20 minutes and now its dead, help me!"

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Another one where you walk through the process with them and try to figure out everything and anything that could be wrong ans how you would fix it Menos

If you mean dead as not coming up even with a charger connected. Then you unscrew the computer, take out the harddrive and mount it to a harddrive case and copy the content the required presentation to a new laptop for him to use. Menos

Public Preparatory Network

Basic interview questions such as: -Tell me about yourself? -What is a challenge you faced and overcame? -What is your teaching philosophy? -Do you have any questions?

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Phone screening interview questions were straightforward. It was the expectation for the demo lesson and common core lesson plan that proved challenging, especially for someone who has 0 experience. Public Prep informed NYU that this wasn't an expectation for candidates-- I asked during NYU's information session-- and yet they asked me to prepare both. And then to not be considerate of applicant's home environment when conducting Zoom interviews was a bit much. If I can only conduct my interview from my bedroom and whilst sitting down, why tell me that isn't allowed? Aren't my answers and delivery of my demo lesson/lesson plan more important? If you have such expectations, why not allow in person interviews since the majority of New Yorkers are now vaccinated against COVID? Menos

The questions are pretty straightforward. It was the demo lesson/common core lesson plan that made this experience unnecessarily challenging. Public Prep is well aware that NYU Teacher Residency applicants have 0 teaching experience, so how can you assign a task that requires it? And then when asked for guidance, send a 400 page document a day and a half before the assignments due? Menos

Larkin Community Hospital

My interests , hobbies and aspirations.

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I told him what I loved and and he was genuinely interested in listening and steering the conversation in a positive direction Menos

Mount Sinai Health System

Are you comfortable working for a very demanding, difficult boss?

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Yes, within reason. I will work to the full extent of my ability. I have had experience working for difficult management Menos

Holy Cross Hospital Fort Lauderdale

3 areas I fell strong about in myslef.

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I answered it amazingly

Oregon Health & Science University

Describe how you feel about working with CNAs?

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I talked about respecting CNAs as a valuable part of the team, feeling comfortable delegating to them, and not delegating tasks just because I don't want to do them. Menos

NorthBay Health

You have a difficult patient, how would you handle it?

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Mostly behavioral questions

BayCare Health System

What is a strength of yours?

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I just told them my strengths and it was good enough.

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