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A un Research Technician le preguntaron...17 de marzo de 2020

After the proteins have been transferred from the gel what happens next?

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The membrane will be transferred to Blocking buffer, than adding 1st antibody, wash, second anti body and conjugate, wash, add substrate, wash, and view Menos

Not sure. As I have already mentioned I do not have much experience with this particular technique. Menos

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

If there are 7 people with 7 children and 7 dogs how many legs are in total?

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Dogs= 4*7=28 Kids= 2*7=14 People=2*7=14 Total=56 =)

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

One thing that really stuck out among other interviews I've ever had before was "Do you enjoy being in one place, doing the same task every day, or do you have drive to move onward and upward?"

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I'is nzuzi lusueki homme thé 26 ans m'y Research os job so techncian thé froid industriel mi number 00244948848483 Menos

I responded that there was always room for improvement for anyone, and I was willing to go the distance that I needed to in order to move forward. Menos


They asked if I would be willing to working in a receiving setting rather than lab.

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I responded that I would not be willing to apply for a position outside of the lab as I am trying to gain lab experience. Menos

Massachusetts General Hospital

Tell me about your previous research experience

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I summarized what I wrote on my resume

D-Wave Systems

Describe when you disagreed with a team or supervisor

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Specific experience, action, result

D-Wave Systems

If you wanted to improve the accuracy of the measurement how would you do it

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Described multiple processes of averaging test values or varying current and doing a fit test. Menos

International Rice Research Institute

Why did you apply to this position?

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I am interested in agriculture field.

Baylor College of Medicine

QPCR overview

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Basically how QPCR is set up. Important steps and what errors we should avoid, skills like pipetting and equpment usage! Menos

Kansas Department of Health and Environment

What is an aliquot?

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A very small measurement of a liquid, usually supernatant from a centrifuged solution which also precipitates a solid called the pellet. Menos

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