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A un Member of Technical Staff Software Engineer le preguntaron...12 de enero de 2012

Given a series of strings, find the biggest common prefix.

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What? Prefix is not started from the very first string? Jesus I cannot read Eng!

x = ["Ravite", "Raviteja", "Ravby", "Raviejaain","Ravi" ] #Given String y = x[0] for i in x: if len(i)> len(y): y = i fin = [] y = list(y) for i in range(len(y)): count = 0 for j in range(len(x)): if y[i]==x[j][i]: count +=1 if count == len(x): fin.append(y[i]) else: break if len(fin) > 0: print "".join(fin) else: print "No common prefix in series" Menos

/** * Jun Zheng, Rice Univ * Given a series of strings, find the biggest common prefix. * Real question of VMware * Java7; running time: O(n^2) * @param str * @return */ private String biggestPrefix(String[] strs){ String prefix=strs[0]; for(int i=1;i0;i++){ int j; for(j=0;j0)? prefix:"No such prefix!"; } Menos

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Riverbed Technology

How do you programtically tell if the architecture is big Endian or little Endian

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const int BIG_END = 0; const int LITTLE_END = 1; bool isBigEndian(void) { int num = 1; char *ptr; prt = (char *) # if (*prt == 0) return BIG_END; else return LITTLE_END; } Menos

You can also do a union trick here union Endianness { int twoBytes; char singleByte; }; int main (int argc, char** argv) { Endianness e; e.twoBytes = 1; if (e.singleByte == 1) printf ("Little Endian\n"); else printf ("Big Endian\n"); return 0; } Menos

$python >> import sys >> sys.byteorder this will return little or big Menos


Design real time tail log search

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As application developer for 10+ you can't really ask the low level infrastructure questions where the solution depends on how much a single core can read in 1 second? How much you network adapter can transfer -- if you have infrastructure background it is justified but if you are having application background asking deep infrastructure questions is not justified. Please make sure you have this clarity with the hiring manager. Menos

With the level of substandard HR people in the Bangalore office, one can’t expect a lot of quality coming out the process. Their work culture and professionalism speaks volumes about the people running the company Menos

The key in these questions is to cover the fundamentals, and be ready for the back-and-forth with the interviewer. Might be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Rubrik or ex-Rubrik Member of Technical Staff experts on Prepfully? They give real-world practice and guidance, which is pretty helpful. Menos

KPIT Technologies

Why do you want to join KPIT compare to XXX company?

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Because I love it

Because I love it

Because I love the work


Iterative method to find the height of a tree

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/** Returns the max root-to-leaf depth of the tree. Uses a recursive helper that recurs down to find the max depth. */ public int maxDepth() { return(maxDepth(root)); } private int maxDepth(Node node) { if (node==null) { return(0); } else { int lDepth = maxDepth(node.left); int rDepth = maxDepth(node.right); // use the larger + 1 return(Math.max(lDepth, rDepth) + 1); } } Menos

Hi, When were you told about the result.. right after HR round? Actually I have appeared for 5 tech rounds and HR round and waiting for result. Thus wanted to know. Menos


Gaussian linear models are often insufficient in practical applications, where noise can be heavy- tailed. In this problem, we consider a linear model of the form yi = a · xi + b + ei. The (ei) are independent noise from a distribution that depends on x as well as on global parameters; however, the noise distribution has conditional mean zero given x. The goal is to derive a good estimator for the parameters a and b based on a sample of observed (x, y) pairs. 1.1 Instructions: 1. Load the data, which is provided as (x, y) pairs in CSV format. Each file contains a data set generated with different values of a and b. The noise distribution, conditional on x, is the same for all data sets. 2. Formulate a model for the data-generating process. 3. Based on your model, formulate a loss function for all parameters: a, b, and any additional parameters needed for your model. 4. Solve a suitable optimization problem, corresponding to your chosen loss function, to obtain point estimates for the model parameters. 5. Formulate and carry out an assessment of the quality of your parameter estimates. 6. Try additional models if necessary, repeating steps 2 − 5.

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I think we need to use Generalized Method of Moments to get the estimates. Since E[e|x] = 0, we have E[h(x)e] = 0 by the law of iterated expectation for any give function h(x). Now we need to find a best function h*(x) such that it will give you efficient GMM estimator. Menos

Actually, you will get least squares estimate as the best estimator in the following sense: y = ax+b+e E(e|x)=0 For any h(x), E(h(x)*e) = E(E(h(x)*e)|x) (where the outer expectation is over X E(h(x)*e|x) = h(x)*E(e|x) = 0 Therefore E(h(x)*e)=0 Take h(x) = y-a-b*x The moment condition is: E(e*(y-a-b*x))=0 This would lead to Least Squares. Menos

I believe the true model was y = ax + b + sigma*(x^2). You can use least squares to define the likelihood or use an L1 penalty. Menos

Coriolis Technologies

Reverse a string eg I love India to India love I

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#include using namespace std; void reverse(char* begin, char* end){ char temp; while(begin Menos

#include using namespace std; void reverse(char* begin, char* end){ char temp; while(begin Menos

Oracle Engineering Group

There was a number, say it is present on a number plate or some thing, when it is roteted by 180 degree it gives another number. Subtracting the 2nd from the 1st gives us another number which was provided to me. I don't remember the exact number. Find the initial number.

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It was a pure analytical question. You have to apply much of hit and trial and simple logic from mathematics to get the answer within the stipulated time. Menos

Out of 0-9 only 0,1,6,8 and 9 and be read properly after turning 180degree. So, we have the digits, now according to the given no. we can calculate the exact initial number. Menos

NXP Semiconductors

What would you think will be the hardest part of being successful in the position offered?

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Getting people to change the way in which they are currently comfortable

The hardest part is being successful in life which will be relate to work and daily life. Being successful in this part is measured with experience , skills and reliability with the work and team work which will lead to success in the hardest part of any job Menos


There are 3 baskets basket A contains apples, basket B contains oranges and basket C contains a mixture of both. All there baskets are wrongly labelled. Now from the 3 baskets pick one fruit such that you can rename the baskets correctly.

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Pick a fruit from the mixed bag. Since we already know that the baskets are wrongly labelled, if we get an apple , then mixed = apple pick from orange, if it is orange then it is actually mixed and then apple = orange. else you get the gist - right?? Menos

Take one fruit from box with label mixture. If we see orange, because the basket lies (it cant have a mixture), then it has only oranges. The other 2 are labeled apples and oranges. The one labeled apples, cannot have oranges inside, cos they are all ready been identified, and because it lies, it cannot have apples either. So it has a mixture. And we are left with the one labeled oranges that lies and has apples. Menos

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