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Raytheon Technologies
A un Research Scientist le preguntaron...4 de octubre de 2022

They asked particular technical Qs. also some behavioral Qs.

Thomson Reuters

Introduce previous experience on resume, why fit the position etc.

InnoPeak Technology

Implement a max pooling layer, including both forward and backward.


What is Logistic regression and how is it used.

Mondelēz International

Q: When conducting a literature review where do you usually go for sources? Q: Describe your current research? Q: Have you ever once cooked or baked before? (this felt passive-aggressive) Q: If you need to extract arabinoxylans how would you do it? Q: How would you validate that an HPLC is producing accurate data? Q: Explain what a hydrocolloid is? General behavioral questions and why you want to work for Mondelēz.


Tech design interview based on your prior work


Example of a situation where you had to influence people to deliver a good job

The Alan Turing Institute

Why did you choose this programing language for this project?

Element Solutions (FL)

Phase 1 interview only: 10 minute Teams meeting. Friendly man screening to see if I match my CV etc. Questions included why are you looking for a new job, what is your background. Oddly enough, I was asked if this was my first interview which seemed an odd question and I didn't know what it meant. Next day he let me know I have been asked for a second interview and gave me 2 available Team dates.


what are the characteristics of a convex function

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