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Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
A un Associate Research Physicist le preguntaron...22 de agosto de 2015

Typically, questions surrounded technical content of the interview talk and also probed the expected area of expertise if this is not identical to the technical talk.

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The interviewers seem to appreciate honesty and healthy discussion of various questions. Research-related questions sometimes do not have pat answers so some discussion is needed. That seemed to work ok. Menos

TAE Technologies

The one overarching question was to explain my research experiences as an undergraduate and graduate student.

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I gave a one hour powerpoint presentation as the second interview to address this question Menos

US Naval Research Laboratory

The interview questions were technical in nature and related to my seminar.


Questions related to the what presented at the whiteboard and in the submitted resumé


How do you handle a group of workers

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

When you make a mistake or something goes wrong for you, who do you talk to about it?

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