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Aakash Educational Services
A un Faculty of Chemistry le preguntaron...22 de octubre de 2016

Are you willing to work any where in South India? (As this is exclusively done for south India)

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Hi..... Is there any language barrier in demo?

University of Notre Dame

Wanted to know technical skills.

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I said what my technical skills were and what ones I would like to learn.


I had to complete two worksheet that involved organic reactions. some had missing products, some had missing reagents, and some I just had to discuss the mechanism.

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I'm sorry but there isn't a specific reaction type that one can focus on...all I can say it that they don't try to trip you up and they are forgiving if you make a couple mistakes. Menos

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals
A un Chemistry le preguntaron...11 de diciembre de 2015

They asked me what type of analytical instrumentation I had experience working with (MALDI, HPLC, NMR, etc.)

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Told them I had experience working with MALDI and NMR, described how those instruments work in theory. Menos

British School in the Netherlands

What would you do if a teacher asked you to prepare something that it is out of schedule for next week?

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I would accept it and if there was not enough time for this extra task, I would work overtime or ask my colleague's help. Menos

American River College

What would I do if a student drop a liter of sulfuric acid an dit splashed all over them and others.

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Call for help, strip the students clothes off and put them under the shower. Evacuate the classroom and start cleaning up the spill, after putting on the proper PPE's. Menos

RNB Global University

Why you want to join here?

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MSc classes are here.

Narayana Educational Institutions

They asked me about their institution and their curriculum

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I have gone through with their institution's curriculum

Vaidik Eduservices

Some basic chemistry questions like a alkalinity and acidity order.

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Took 10 seconds to think and then answered. That was a correct answer.

Oregon State University

They asked why I thought I was a good fit for the job.

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I described my eleven years of similar lab support experience and highlighted the fact that I had an outstanding safety record in terms of the same handling of chemicals and lab processes, which they seemed to respond to favorably. Menos

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