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My Medical Hub
A un Part Time Research Assistant le preguntaron...20 de mayo de 2022

Q. How does Transfer Learning Work?

Ryerson University

Your experience in your undergrad

The Jackson Laboratory

Rate yourself in lab skills/techniques like PCR, Western Blot, Cell Culture, assay techniques, ELISA, Flow cyto, with main principal (+ Whatever you wrote on CV) mention mice experiments if done. Why are you interested in biology? What do you want to achieve my getting tis position? Explain full experiment from step A to Z? What mistakes you typically do in lab? What do you do for fun? and how frequently etc etc.

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I never rated myself 10. It was all 9,8 or 7 and if I have performed it just once or twice I told them about it and rated 3. Be honest and do not try to be smart they have a lot of experience and they already have idea. Don't forget to smile. Menos

UC Riverside

What is your ultimate goal as a researcher? How do do you think you will create value? What makes you a unique candidate?

OTR Global

Describe yourself in 3 adjectives

University of Missouri-Kansas City

They wanted to know my experience with early childhood education.

King's College London

- Research experience - My career goals - Challenges of working with different clinical populations


What are the values of Potloc? Why would we select you rather than another candidate?

Children's National Hospital

Mainly asked about research interests and experience and how it could apply to the lab.

Northwell Health

Tell me about your experience with identifying and screening patients.

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