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University of Pittsburgh
A un Research Administrator le preguntaron...24 de enero de 2017

What are your career goals with the University?

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I would like to continue to develop my skill set and have the opportunity to increase my education level through the University's education benefit. I would like to become a more well-rounded employee in the area of research administration, including with pre- and post-award experience. Menos


Q: How do you know someone understands you when you speak to them? And Q: A student has lost research funding due to a coup in their Home country. What do you do?

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Q 1: I ask them! Duh! Q2: I would suggest they speak with their supervisor.

University of Calgary

Are you willing to relocate?

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Imperial College London

There were no unexpected questions

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That could not have been a more useless answer


Tell me about the research you were involved in previously?

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Answered with reference to my previous experience working in research, in private healthcare. Menos

Ulster University

they asked about my hobby - as a watercolour artist

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I described my favourite painting of the fishing boats in Kilkeel

The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners

Why I wanted to work for such a small organization and what did I feel I could bring to the role

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I was very enthusiastic and added other areas where I could be of service because I had a background in research and work in charities. Menos

Canadian Cancer Society

In one form, or another, they will ask you about one of your weaknesses, or a situation which did not go well and how you turned it around. A situational - what if question. ie. in the case of an administrator, there would likely be one of conflicting demands on you time and how you might go about determining priorities, etc.

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Not only would you need to determine priorities (which you may, or may not be able to do on your own (- in some cases, even when it appears blatantly obvious with the deadlines YOU perceive for these things, perhaps a draft of it has been promised to other participants in advance of that date). Therefore, once I believe I have my priorities set, if possible, I like to give a quick heads up to those expecting the work to let them know it will be x amount of time as x, y and z are ahead of them. BUT be aware of your promises - make the count! Menos

Carol Bierbrier & Associates

Do you have a husband?

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I reminded them this is sexist and discriminatory. Having husband does not determine whether I can afford to work part time Menos

Vanson Bourne

What interested you in applying for the role?

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What added value do you believe you will bring to the role?

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