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BBS, Inc.
A un Account Manager/Sales Representative le preguntaron...6 de marzo de 2015

Do you love to win more than you hate to lose or is it the other way around ?

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I said I loved to win.

BBS, Inc.

How has your current internship prepared you for this job?

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I was just honest, and told them my strengths and weaknesses.


Como me enteré del puesto, midieron mis capacidades del inglés así que fue una plática en inglés y que habilidades tenía

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Por redes sociales y conté como aprendí el inglés, como lo he utilizado en el trabajo Menos


What was your sales cycle like at your last position?

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I talked briefly about the sales cycle and customer interaction.

State Farm

Whats your experience with customer relations?

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Great, i spent 5 years at a law firm assisting clients in need.

Tradesmen International

Sell me your water

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I answered saying I do not have to try and sell the product you already want. All that is needed is to build value on the product and you will take it. Menos

American Marketing and Publishing

How do you feel about hourly wages?

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I said they are unfair for hard workers because they get paid as much as people who slack off - a typical sales answer. It was obvious she was looking for me not to like it and like commission better. Menos

National Income Life

Do you want to make money? (gee I wonder what everyone's answer is)

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Do you want to work your own hours on the days you want to, taking off any time you want? (again, I wonder what everyone's answer is) Menos

BBS, Inc.

What am I most proud of on or off my resume?

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I was at my last position for over 7 years.

Envision Horizons

what is 9 divided by 7, rounded to the nearest 3 decimal places. NO CALC.

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why do I need to know this for this job?

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