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A un Client Care Representative IV le preguntaron...18 de noviembre de 2015

Ask you to answer questions based on a scenario.

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They are looking to have it answered based of STAR (situation/task/action/response) Menos

Dell Technologies

Wenn wir Ihre Mutter bitten würden Sie zu beschreiben, was würde Sie sagen?

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- Zuverlässig - Pünktlich - Humorvoll - Hier und da zu sehr auf seiner Meinung beharrend Menos

Coca-Cola FEMSA

Na loja do marcão tinha 750 frentes ao total no corredor de bebida, sendo que da coca cola tem 30% do sovi .A companhia exige 55% com quantas frentes deve ter da companhia?

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413 frente da coca cola

Dell Technologies

What are your strengths and weaknesses that directly relate to this position?

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I am always prepared, develop rapport quickly and focus on the needs of the customer. I am an exceptional teammate who tries to improve the collective group as I adapt to the work environment. In terms of potential weakness...... just ramp up time to learn this industry which is new to me. But I will turn that present "weakness" into a strength in short order. Menos


How do you stay organized day to day?

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I told a story based on experiences from past positions.

Trustone Financial

The questions that they ask are really common sense question and really easy to tackled down here.

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I thought it was going to be a structure interview but when I got there it was more of a get to know you and exchanging background information. Menos


Tell me of a time when you had to make a split second decision.


Situational question where they ask you what you would do. Answer with STAR- Situation, Task, Action, Result

Wells Fargo

What type of experience do you have?


What have you done as a manager to organize and execute on a specific sales plan?

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