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S2G  Support Services Group
A un Inbound Sales Representative le preguntaron...5 de mayo de 2022

Can you work one Saturday or Sunday each week?

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Yes I am available anytime




My availability

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What did the script say??

The interviewer had me read out loud from a piece of paper. The paper had about 2paragraphs of information, the script was a similar version to the actual program I would be working. It was like a mock sales pitch. Menos

Open schedule availability

NFU Mutual

How would you handle a customer with a difficult query?

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Like any other query..if I don't know the answer there and then source it and provide the best option for the customer Menos

Like any other query.. if I didn’t know the answer there and then source it and provide the best option for the customer Menos


Can you sell under highly stressful conditions and still sound enthusiastic?

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Say yes or you don't get the job.

Yes. For sure. I had my own business.


Sell me something in the room other than my cellphone

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If you get asked this question, make sure whatever item you pick you ask about their needs for a particular item. IE: mattress... "do you prefer firm, soft, or in the middle" "what type of top of mattress do you like, pillow top, memory foam, etc" . Menos

Hey, the manager said that i will have a second interview but didn't receive cal since 10 days. Can I keep some hopes to get a cal from them? Menos

Tell me about yourself ?

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Why do you think we should hire you ?

Do you drug test the same day)


Strengths and weeknesses

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honestly varies person to person was the toughest part of the process personally. Menos

Great Falls Marketing

Are you available in all weather

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TLC Associates

Not so much a question, but you are asked to reenact a mock call regarding how to direct sell with expectation of sales tactics and product knowledge.

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Proceeded with responding to the mock call. Advice: Try to see, prior to the interview, what is the 3rd party company the position is for to study the product. Menos


If I was outgoing and motivated. If I had experience with cameras,parents callcenters etc and if I knew about gerber life insurance.

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I said I was motivated and outgoing. I did have both previous photo and customer service experience but I didn't know a lot about gerber life or call centers. Menos

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