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A un Inbound Sales Representative le preguntaron...25 de mayo de 2016

My availability

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What did the script say??

The interviewer had me read out loud from a piece of paper. The paper had about 2paragraphs of information, the script was a similar version to the actual program I would be working. It was like a mock sales pitch. Menos

Open schedule availability


Can you sell under highly stressful conditions and still sound enthusiastic?

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Say yes or you don't get the job.

Yes. For sure. I had my own business.


Sell me something in the room other than my cellphone

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If you get asked this question, make sure whatever item you pick you ask about their needs for a particular item. IE: mattress... "do you prefer firm, soft, or in the middle" "what type of top of mattress do you like, pillow top, memory foam, etc" . Menos

Hey, the manager said that i will have a second interview but didn't receive cal since 10 days. Can I keep some hopes to get a cal from them? Menos

Tell me about yourself ?

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Why do you think we should hire you ?

Do you drug test the same day)


Strengths and weeknesses

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honestly varies person to person was the toughest part of the process personally. Menos

Tribune Media

none, it was typical customer service job interview questions. the hardest would be the spelling test because some of the words are things no one even mentions in everyday conversation or even in the job itself.

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just be yourself, because if you arent and you arent offered the job then trust me, you don't want to work there. Menos

Great Falls Marketing

Are you available in all weather

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If I was outgoing and motivated. If I had experience with cameras,parents callcenters etc and if I knew about gerber life insurance.

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I said I was motivated and outgoing. I did have both previous photo and customer service experience but I didn't know a lot about gerber life or call centers. Menos

S2G  Support Services Group

Can you work one Saturday or Sunday each week?

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Yes I am available anytime



TLC Associates

Not so much a question, but you are asked to reenact a mock call regarding how to direct sell with expectation of sales tactics and product knowledge.

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Proceeded with responding to the mock call. Advice: Try to see, prior to the interview, what is the 3rd party company the position is for to study the product. Menos

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