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A un Call Center/Customer Service Representative - Voice Process le preguntaron...24 de noviembre de 2019

Are you flexible enough to work during night shifts?

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I said yes.


Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

Do I think watching pornography on work computer is OK sometimes? (or something to this nature) Is it OK to sometimes pass around racial or sexual jokes or emails at work? Do I flirt or put my hands around someone at work I may be sexually attracted too? Ridiculous questions, uncomfortable. I was beginning to wonder where and what I was really applying to. I have never had this experience at a job let alone final expenses insurance claim position.

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Very inappropriate & unnecessary, sounds as if company may have been exposed to this type of behavior from ex/present employees and is looking for constructive feed back on how to handle it....does not sound like a company that I would want to work for Menos

The whole interview/pre - employment process including the assessments needs to be more validate, reexamined and the survey of the whole pornography, sexual content completely taken out. Menos

The Virtual Call Centre Network

What Call Centre Experience do you have?

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Over 15 year sales customer service and complaints

2 years

National Grid

Why do you want to work here?

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Your company offers a vital service that affects millions of customers.

I love communication Connecting with. Complete strangers and troubleshooting getting problem solved Menos

Kansas Department of Labor

A series of "What does your manager say about your (skills, qualifications, and abilities)?" questions.

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I answered with a generic response followed up by a real story from experience backing up my response. Menos

What is the link to apply? I've found it before but CANNOT find it now.

They asked me to tell about my self

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I told them about my self starting with my education my family and my hobbies

When they called for training after the faced of interview

Tim Dahle Nissan

Have you worked at a dealership before?

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I have not, but the service BDC does not require previous dealership experience.

The Virtual Call Centre Network

Do you have the corret equiptment to start up remote work.

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