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Gilead Sciences
A un Regulatory Affairs, Senior Manager le preguntaron...9 de noviembre de 2012

Asked by a Senior VP: "With every person we hire, it dilutes down everyone's shares, including mine, and I have a lot. That said, why should we hire you?".

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With my experience and dedication to my work, I will contribute to enhancing revenues. Menos

I will help the company increase its share value/price

Boehringer Ingelheim

What was the reason to apply for that particular position?

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I provided the information about my background and current situation


How do you deal with difficult colleagues.

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I try to provide a calming influence and stick to the issue at hand.


I have not received any interview questions as it was never asked

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There is no standard procedure to follow to organize and conduct an interview?


I was asked to solve a business issues they had at the time.

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I did share my opinion on the resolution, based on my experience and regulations. Menos

CHEPLAPHARM Arzneimittel

Was interessiert Sie an dieser Position?

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Ich sehe hier gute Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten.


What do you know about the company?

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How did you answer this question? (Optional)


Why do you want to work for Ethicon?

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Ethicon has innovative products which is very exciting for me. But at the end of the day it does not matter what company I work for because my goal is to be an asset to the the end of the day I work for the patient. Menos

Alfred E. Tiefenbacher (GmbH & KG)

Welche genauen Erfahrungen haben sie ?

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eindeutiger Zweifel an Fähigkeiten

Klosterfrau Healthcare Group

Bitte stellen sie sich vor?

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warum möchten Sie zum Klosterfrau?

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