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A un Regional Vice President Sales le preguntaron...6 de diciembre de 2016

What kind of background I had and why I felt I was qualified to go to work for Aventura HQ

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With my experience in Healthcare and my knowledge of the market place in the Western United States more than qualified me for this position. Menos


What do you do to have fun, who is the real you? refreshing

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this was a large discussion point which showed their want to bring someone in that suited not only the skillset required but also the culture they are trying to preserve Menos


Go through you're entire professional career, which can be longer for senior folks.

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Keller Williams

What are your strengths?

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My strengths are strong communication skills, people skills, delegation, and team building Menos


Pretty standard questions related to my background, experience, etc.

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Pretty basic-just related to my experience and how it connected to the role.


Behavioral questions abound. If you want to do well in the interviews, prepare your stories, be honest, confident and add humor where appropriate. One example: "Describe a time where you received criticism in the management or engagement of others. How did you internalize that criticism and how did that impact your future interactions and/or management style?"

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Your response will be drawn upon your own experiences. Good answers include actual events and how you received that criticism without ego and used it to improve yourself personally and professionally, with hubris. Menos

CoStar Group

Tell me about your background.

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Pinpointed to match skillset to job description requirements; which the recruiter never even looked at herself I'm sure. Menos


Sales manager philosophy, process and achievements

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Directly with detailed specifics

BVS Performance Solutions

Given their unique sales approach, how willing would you be to adapt?

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It is important to understand what makes a successful sale. It would be very short sighted of me to disregard established methods. A true sales consultant should always be open to critique and change. Menos


Why PeraHealth?

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The ability to work in a entrepreneurial company that is on an upward growth curve is enticing but more than anything it is the ability to help build a company/product that truly saves lives. Menos

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